Wiley Students Compete at the Regional Science Fair

Front Row: Justin Bean, Tell Piner, William Pacino, Garren Wollert, Brooke Thompson, Annabelle Mortimeyer and Brasen Wollert
Middle Row:  Sutton Schaefer, Dixie Bitner, Gracie Stegmeier, and Anna Wollert
Back Row:  Ty Piner

Elementary Behavioral Science
1st Place - Brasen Wollert
2nd Place - Anna Wollert

Elementary Chemistry
Gracie Stegmeier

Elementary Medicine and Health
2nd Place - Sutton Schaefer

Elementary Physics (Grades 3 & 4)
1st Place - Dixie Bitner

Junior High Animal Science
2nd Place - Tell Piner (State Qualifier)

Junior High Environmental Science
1st Place - Annabelle Mortimeyer (State Qualifier)

Junior High Plant Science
2nd Place - Brooke Thompson

High School Behavioral Science
1st Place - Ty Piner (State Qualifier & Forensics Science Award)

Great Job!