Wiley School District will be accepting sealed bids on the following items until Thursday, December 8, 2016 at 4 p.m.  All bids must be submitted on a Surplus Property Sealed Bid Form in a sealed envelope with the item title and number printed on the outside of the envelope. Please read the Conditions of Bidding carefully. All items can be seen at Wiley School District, 510 Ward St., Wiley, CO  81052. For more information, please contact Maribeth Kemp at Wiley School District at 719-829-4806.

Click the item description for photos

Stationary Overhead Projectors:

  1. Sunsplash Dukane Model #SP2233
  2. Sunsplash Dukane Model #SP2123
  3. 3M 1700 Model #1700 CJ1
  4. 3M 1700 Model #1700 BJU
  5. 3M 1700 Model #1700 CJI (needs bulb)
  6. 3M 9050 Model #9000 AJA
  7. 3M 9050 Model #9000 AJA
  8. 3M 9050 Model #9000 AJA
  9. 3M 910 Model #900 AJB
  10. Dukane 622A Model #28A622A


  1. 20” Samsung Model #TXG2045, remote control
  2. 25” GE Model #25GT511, no remote control
  3. 19” GE Model #19GT317, no remote control
  4. 19” Orion Model #TV1934, no remote control
  5. 19” Phillips Magnavox Model #PS1955 C125, remote control
  6. 20” Magnavox TV/DVD Combo Model #MSD520FE, remote control
  7. 25” Samsung Model #TXG-2547, no remote control
  8. 32” Sony Model #KY-32S42, no remote control

VCR’s & DVD Players:

  1. Orion VCR Model #VR5006, No Remote Control
  2. Phillips VCR/DVD Combo Model #7369055G, No Remote Control
  3. Funai DVD Play Model #SV2000, No Remote Control

File Cabinets:

  1. 4 Drawer File Cabinet – Brown
  2. 4 Drawer File Cabinet – Tan
  3. 4 Drawer File Cabinet – Tan
  4. 4 Drawer File Cabinet – Light Grey
  5. 2 Drawer File Cabinet – Tan
  6. 2 Drawer File Cabinet – Black

Media Carts:

  1. 24x18x34 w/electrical cord
  2. 39x20x29
  3. 39x20x29
  4. 39x20x29
  5. 20x18x34 w/electrical cord
  6. 24x18x40 w/electrical cord - No Longer Available
  7. 32x24x37 ¼  
  8. 37 ½ x25 ½ x54 ½
  9. 24x18x42 w/ electrical cord
  10. 24x18x40
  11. 28 ½ x 24 ½ x 54 w/electrical cord



Only one bid per envelope. Each bid shall be in a sealed Envelope. Envelope shall be clearly marked with the words, “SEALED BID”, followed by the title or description of the item as listed in the advertisement. Each bid envelope shall be received at the address listed above by 12:00 p.m. on the bid closing date.


All items advertised by Wiley School District for sale by bid are to be sold As-Is. Wiley School District shall strive to make its best effort to assist interested parties in obtaining information about each item for sale, however, Wiley School District makes no warranty of the condition of the equipment nor accuracy of the item description. Each bidder shall be responsible for verifying condition and accuracy of item description prior to submitting a bid, and bring to the District’s attention any discrepancy found.

TERMS OF SALE:             

The successful bidder shall be provided a written Notice of Award within 10 business days after Bid Closing Date. Successful Bidder shall make full payment with cash or cashier’s check made payable to Wiley School District, and shall arrange to pick-up their item within 10 business days from the date of the Notice of Award.


Any item not paid for within the timeline provided shall forfeit their claim to the item and shall not be eligible to bid on future items. Any item not picked-up within the timeline provided shall forfeit their claim to the item, and payment for item may be retained, in whole or in part, by the District. If bidder forfeits claim to any item bid, Wiley School District may, at its discretion, offer the item to the next highest bidder.


Wiley School District may indicate a minimum bid amount, or elect not to set a minimum bid amount. Wiley School District retains the right to remove items offered for sale from the sale list at any time up to the Notice of Award should the District determine the sale of the item is not in its best interests. The District reserves the right to reject any or all bids, or to waive any irregularities or defects found therein.