COVID Letter to Parents

To Parents and Guardians of Wiley School District:

We understand that there is an uptick of Covid cases in our county and wanted to inform you about an option available for you at this moment. We are continuing to have onsite school as long as we are able to do so, but we also know that there may be some anxiety in our students, staff and parents. We do have a plan in place if we need to go to remote learning, but at this time, we are still providing school onsite and will function as a normal day

In addition to onsite, we are now providing the following option for families: 

For Secondary Students (6th-12th)

Starting on Monday November 9th through November 30th. If you would like for your student to attend classes remotely they will be able to do so through Google Classroom. At this time we will not be broadcasting class or holding zoom type meetings. If you choose to attend remotely at this time, it will only be through Google Classroom. Students will need to check into each course daily, complete assignments and turn them in through the digital platform. Your attendance will be recorded and all assignments will be graded as normal. Remember, you have this as an option, if you wish to continue in person learning then it will be as we normally do things.

If you wish to attend remotely, please email Sebrina at  

For Elementary Students (K-5)

School will continue to be onsite as normal. If you wish to explore an at home option, please contact your individual teacher through Class Dojo and we can make arrangements to access our digital options. At this time it will not include any zoom type meetings, it will just be with our digital options.

For Preschool Students

School will continue as normal.

Should our situation change at any time, you will be informed and the new process will be explained.

Thank you.

Mr. Bollinger

Ms. Larrick