Wiley Remote Learning Plan


Thank you for your efforts as we move to Remote Learning. We understand that our goal is to have in person learning as much as possible, but at this time, we will need to switch to our Remote Learning Plan. Please be advised of the following details.

Parents and families are responsible for securing internet access. All materials and instruction will be delivered electronically via zoom, google meets, class dojo and google classroom. There will not be any packet exchange. Student IPADS will be available for pick up on Monday November 16th between 10:00-11:00 AM. You will drive through the pickup-dropoff line. 

Attendance in regularly scheduled sessions will be required, however, it is understood that not all family situations will be able to maintain this schedule so some adjustments may need to be made with attendance. All assignments are required to be completed and will be counted towards course grades.

Elementary students will be required to be on two separate sessions of Lexia reading and two separate sessions of I-Ready math for a total of four daily sessions. Students know how to access these programs but parents will need to monitor. It is recommended that kindergarten and first grade work in 15 minute sessions. Sessions for 2nd through 5th grade should be 20 minutes each. Please do not extend these sessions or you will lose effectiveness. Sessions should be separated throughout the day with time in between to maximize the potential of the program.

Class Zoom meetings will be scheduled as follows and students will need to try and attend if possible, if not, they will need to view the recorded session:

Kindergarten 9:00-9:50 Tuesday and Thursday

1st Grade 10:00-10:50 Monday and Wednesday

2nd Grade 11:00-11:50 Monday and Wednesday

3rd Grade 9:00-9:50 Monday and Wednesday

4th Grade 10-10:50 Tuesday and Thursday

5th Grade 11:00-11:50 Tuesday and Thursday

Session details and invitations will be communicated through class dojo.

Secondary students will be required to attend their core classes through google classroom and google meets. Google classrooms will contain class assignments and materials to be accessed daily by the student and do not have a scheduled time. All classwork will be posted by 9:00 AM each day. Attendance check ins will be monitored and recorded. 

Google meetings will take place once a week for all academic courses for middle school, high school and college classes. 

Google meetings will be scheduled as follows and students will need to try and attend if possible, if not, they will need to view the recorded session:


1st period 12:00-12:50 Monday

2nd period 1:00-1:50 Monday

3rd period 2:00-2:50 Monday

4th period 12:00-12:50 Tuesday

5th period 1:00-1:50 Tuesday

6th period 2:00-2:50 Tuesday

7th period 3:00-3:50 Wednesday

8th period 3:00-3:50 Thursday


1st period 12:00-12:50 Wednesday

2nd period 1:00-1:50 Wednesday

3rd period 2:00-2:50 Wednesday

4th period 12:00-12:50 Thursday

5th period 1:00-1:50 Thursday

6th period 2:00-2:50 Thursday

Session details will be communicated through Google classroom

All academic electives will meet at the scheduled times. Activity based electives such as PE, Music and Art will expect students to continue to pursue private practice for a minimum of 20 minutes per day.