Big News for the Wiley Community

I wanted to communicate some important news for the Wiley community. The School Board has authorized the construction of an auxiliary gym. This gym will serve many purposes for our school and community so I wanted to answer some typical questions that you may have:

How is the gym being funded?

Over the course of many years the district has been building up the reserve fund. This fund has allowed our district to be in a very good financial position. The district has also been setting aside money in a capital improvement fund that will also be used on this project. This project will be fully funded without a tax increase. We will also be able to use some grant funds that are available to us and will be asking the community to help with a fundraising project.

Will this cause a financial hardship for the district?

No. The district is in a financial position to fund this project and will still be able to maintain healthy reserves.

What are the construction details?

The project will be in the design phase for a couple of months but we will hopefully begin to see some activity in late March to April time period. We have put a target completion date of August 1, 2021, so we would have it to begin next school year.

Who will be able to use the gym?

The gym’s functions will serve to help with elementary school PE, bad weather recess, middle school and high school practices, rec programs and community events/activities.

Where will it be and what will it look like?

It will be located outside of the existing gym and will be a separate building from the school.The gym will have a wood floor with six baskets. It will look very similar to our existing gym with two side courts and a main court. There will not be competition type bleachers but will eventually have rollaway type bleachers for fans if needed. There will be full men’s and women’s bathrooms and a storage area. The outside will be color matched to our existing school building.

How can we help?

The community can be a great help with our fundraising project called “Fund The Floor”. We are looking for community support to help this project to completion by raising $125,000, which is the cost of the floor that will be going into the gym. We are currently organizing some fundraising ideas and opportunities and will let everyone know when we have something put together.

A big thank you to all the board members past and present that have made this a possibility for our students and our community. We will update progress on the project as it moves forward.

Please email me if you have any further questions on the project

Mr. Bollinger