Project Day

Panther Project Day 2021

For Project Day, you will be asked to answer an essential question. You will have a group of peers to help research, propose, complete and defend in front of a panel of judges, whatever you have decided to propose. You will also have school personnel to help keep you on track, but they will not give you the answers.Remember, this is your project, not theirs. You will be assessed on a number of things in your presentation including, professionalism, effort, quality of research, speaking performance, and overall practicality of your proposal.

You will be allowed to use your phone for calls pertaining to your project.

Essential question:9-12th grade

How can you create a meaningful, educational, and enjoyable experience for an overnight field trip?

Essential question 6th-8th grade

How can you create a meaningful, educational, and enjoyable experience on a full day field trip?

Must include components:

-Destination, within 4 hours of driving, including date and Itinerary 

-all expenses detailed (admissions, transportation, hotel, food etc)

-digital presentation (website, powerpoint, slides, prezi etc)

-possible funding sources

-All group members participate in the presentation

-Presentation will have approximately 10 minutes with five minutes for panel questions and five minutes of panel reflection with the group.

This is an opportunity for you to design and create your own educational experience. If you are able to convince the panel that your idea has merit, then maybe you will be responsible for creating a truly unique experience for you and your fellow students.

Winner of each grade category will be announced and form the basis for the eventual field trip experience. 

You will need to email your digital components to the first listed panel judge so that they can pull up your presentation on the big board.