Wiley School District 
Contact Information

510 Ward St.
P.O. Box 247
Wiley, CO  81092

District Office   719-829-4806
Fax Number     719-829-4808

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JH & HS Bell Schedule





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Wiley Wellness Plan


Accountability Committee
Any parent interested in serving on the Accountability Committee this year, 
please contact Maggie Pacino at the school, 719-829-4806. 
Accountability meets the second Monday of each month at 5:30 pm. 

The 2018-2019 Yearbooks are Here! 
You can purchase yours for $30 by contacting Mrs. Prosser at the school.


Wiley School Student Handbook  
Illness Guidelines

If your child is sent home with a fever or severe symptoms of illness, he/she should not come to school until 24 hours after the fever has broken (without use of fever-reducing medication) and symptoms have resolved. Generally, if any of the following signs or symptoms occurs, exclusion from school should be considered:
  • If your child does not feel well enough to participate comfortable in usual activities. 
  • If your child requires more care than school personnel are able to provide.
  • If your child has a fever (100 degrees or more), change in behavior, persistent crying, difficulty breathing, lack of energy, uncontrolled coughing, active diarrhea, vomiting, rash with a fever or other signs suggesting sever illness.

District Creed Speaking Contest
Brooke Thompson - 2nd Place Gold
Kynlee Phillips - Bronze

Congratulations Ladies!!

Lamar E-Fair
Wiley had outstanding representation again this year at the Lamar E-Fair

High School Division 1st Place - $850
Jaelin’s Jewelry- Jaelin Parker

Middle School Division 2nd Place - $150
Custom Athletics- Josh Barraza, Rhett McDonald and Will Pacino

Finalists that made it to the "Shark Tank" Round of the competition:

HS DIVISION- Jaelin’s Jewelry

MS Division- Shutter Up Photography, G&M Photography, Make a Dog’s Day, Custom Athletics, and 
Southeastern Colorado Football Center

Complete list of businesses that were presented this year:
Game Traders- Brasen and Garren Wollert and Julie Hesselgrave
Lawn Care  & Services - Milton Hernandez and Oliver Stewart 
Make a Dogs Day- Ebony Torrez and Rylee Queen
La Tamales - Jocelyn Salgado and Gulianna Cicerelli
G&M Photography- Gracie Palmer and Makayla Phillips 
Big Brain Art - Daniel Smith, Zack Owens and Raegan Middleton 
Shutter Up Photography- Kyle Jones, Brandon Mapes and Kolton Cass 
Custom Athletics - Rhett McDonald, Joshua Barraza and Will Pacino
Jaelin’s Jewelry- Jaelin Parker 

Great Job!!